Reach for the Magic Destinations requires all clients who chose not to purchase travel insurance as part of their vacation package or cruise to submit this form indicating that you have been offered travel insurance and you are choosing to decline that coverage.  Insurance is optional, but is recommended by Reach for the Magic Destinations.

The price for travel insurance varies with each destination, length of cruise, and number of travelers in your party.  Your Travel Planner supplied pricing for travel insurance within the quote(s) provided for your potential vacation.  Coverage varies based on the policy.  Travel insurance may be added up until the time of final payment of your cruise or vacation package; please contact your Travel Planner if you wish to add travel insurance after submitting this form.

Please understand we are not insurance agents and cannot legally provide specific or information regarding insurance coverage.  For more information, you must speak with the insurance provider and your Travel Planner can provide you with the contact number upon request.

By completing and submitting this form, you understand you are stating you understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth by the supplier in your travel documents/confirmations and agree to accept them.  You also understand that travel insurance is available for an additional cost, but you are declining to purchase this coverage.  

Travel Insurance Waiver