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Travel Planner Highlight - Krista Reince

The next featured Travel Planner in our "Getting to Know Us!" series where we share some of our vacation favorites with you is Krista Reince! Krista's passion for Disney and attention to detail = a most memorable vacation experience. Krista would love to be of service in planning your upcoming trip to the magic!

Why did you want to become a Travel Planner?

I love Disney, am passionate about quality service, and really enjoy the planning process. I’m all about the details mixed with the magic and wonder of vacation! I feel fortunate to get to help others discover what they want to get out of their vacation and then guiding them through the process.

Chef Mickey's

What is your favorite Disney theme park?

While I enjoy each of the theme parks for different reasons, if I could only pick one to visit it would be Magic Kingdom. Taking in the sights and smells of Main Street USA while walking toward Cinderella Castle is something that always fills me with tears of joy. Add a LeFou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern, a shady seat for Festival of Fantasy Parade, and an evening of fireworks and you’ve found my happy place!

What is your favorite attraction and why?

My all-time favorite attraction of anywhere, ever is Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s the details of entering the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby covered in purposeful dust and spiderwebs and then winding through to the elevators where an attendant is just the right amount cryptically creepy. It’s the innovation of the ride itself and how an elevator can go forward and backwards from its shaft, followed by the anticipation of the drop. But wait! Is it one drop, two, three… It’s comfortingly familiar and yet suspenseful different with each visit.

What is your favorite Disney spot to take photographs of?

While I enjoy taking pictures all over the parks (and the cruise ships too), I think Cinderella Castle is probably what fills up the most space in my digital photo storage. It fills me with hope and wonder. It makes me feel happy and like I’ve found home.

Are you an early bird or a night owl during your Disney vacations?

During my Disney vacations I’m an “all the timer.” I like to stay on property at a Walt Disney World resort so I can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. That extra hour early or an hour or two later in the parks is my favorite time to hit up popular attractions and character meets. I know the “all magic all the time” isn’t for everyone, though, and I work with my clients to find their balance of attractions, shows, pool time, and rest.

What is your favorite WDW resort?

I think it’s hard to pick a favorite Walt Disney World resort, because there are so many great options. Port Orleans – Riverside is definitely near the top of my list. The southern charm, gorgeous landscaping, and subtle Disney touches keep us going back to this resort vacation after vacation. During our first visit with our children, we wanted extra space and stayed in a Lion King Family Suite at Art of Animation. It’s now also near the top of my list for favorite place to stay. Where else can you bump into Cars favorites, be immersed in the world of Nemo, rub elbows with Rafiki, and fawn of a Prince Eric statue? Plus one dedicated Disney transportation pick up/drop off location was a huge time saver. While I’ve yet to stay at a deluxe property, my daytime visits to Animal Kingdom Lodge and Polynesian make them the top of my wishlist and I anticipate they’ll move into favorite category very quickly.

If you could work as a Cast Member, what would your dream job be?

If I had an opportunity to be a part of the Cast Member family, I’d want to be a Fairy Godmother-in-Training at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Can you imagine the delight of making over little princesses and young knights? Plus the power of the magical pixie dust wand!

What is your favorite Disney film?

There are far too many Disney films attached to memories to pick just one favorite!

Growing up I was all about The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. These films hold so many feelings for me. Watching them fills me with nostalgia. I remember tape recording Ariel singing from the TV while singing along. (Full on holding a tiny microphone up to the TV speaker while pressing play/record on my cassette player.) I recall begging to eat at Burger King to collect all the Lion King toys (the hard plastic ones, not the plush from McDonald’s.) And of course I always wanted a flowing yellow ball gown reminiscent of Belle. (I have one in my closet and am just waiting for the perfect Disney experience to wear it!) Then there’s just the class love of Aladdin and singing the songs during a choral concert.

Moving into adulthood and now having my own children, Disney movies touch me differently and have their own new memories. Big Hero 6 has a special place in my heart as the first movie I saw when I was pregnant. I left the theater sobbing and couldn’t quite figure out why it impacted me so deeply only to learn a few weeks later that I was expecting. Moana was my Littles’ first movie they wanted to watch “on repeat,” and Incredibles 2 was the first movie they saw in a theater. Christopher Robin holds a dear spot because I can hear my son’s laughter at the childlike antics of Winnie the Pooh and Cars 3 plays an echo of my daughter fiercely proclaiming, “Yes I do,” a la Cruz Ramirez.

And the list could go on and on with other memories or movies I just enjoy watching over and over again including Oliver and Company, Mary Poppins, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inside Out, Brave, Cinderella…and on and on.

Baymax Meet & Greet / Twin Gender Reveal

What is your favorite Disney memory?

Just one? Really? Just one favorite Disney Memory? It’s not possible to pick just one. There are too many moments that tug at my heart. There’s the time we were at Magic Kingdom on my birthday and I sobbed tears of joy as Tinkerbell flew over my head during Wishes! Jump to when I learned I was going to be a mom of boy/girl twins as Baymax and Hiro revealed our baby genders to us. Fast forward to seeing the magic of Disney through my children’s eyes when Chip kissed our daughter during the Festival of Fantasy Parade and our son beamed the most fantastic smile of all time while interacting with Daisy. There’s our most recent trip when we built a fort in the Oceaneer Club and returned to our cabin on the Disney Wonder to learn we were named “The Most Adorable Family.” Outside the parks and away from the ships, it’s reliving the moments as our children share their stories through their photo albums and looking forward to our next adventure.

Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wonder

If you could ask Walt one question, what would you ask?

Mr. Disney, please settle this once and for all. What is the official ruling? Goofy – dog, cow, something else? And if he’s a dog, how come he can talk but Pluto can’t?

You can reach Krista at

And find her on Facebook!


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