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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you work for Disney? We do not work for Disney, Universal, or other supplier.  We are not Disney employees.  Reach for the Magic Destinations is a boutique style travel agency and a small business owned & operated by Denise Lang.  Our Travel Advisors are independent contractors who have signed an agreement with the agency to provide travel services to clients booking travel with them via the agency.  


How do you get paid?  We hear this question a lot.  For several of our travel advisors, their planning services are complimentary when you book your vacation with theme.  Some of our travel advisors do charge fees based on varying levels of service and destinations.   Please note that we are not paid for providing vacation quotes; we only receive compensation if a vacation is booked through us.  We also do not earn commission on 1 & 2 day Disney theme park tickets or 1-day 1-park Universal tickets. 

How do I pay for my vacation?  To process any payment, your credit card information will need to be provided to your Travel Advisor and they process it with the supplier or tour operator.  All reservations are made directly with the supplier or tour operator through their travel agent portal or designated booking engine.  Your credit card statement for any payments will reflect a charge from the supplier or tour operator.  Payment policies are set by the supplier/tour operator.

What if I have to cancel or change my vacation?  This is an unfortunate situation, but we understand that life happens.   Specific change and cancellation policies for each supplier (Disney, Universal, etc) will apply.  Please remember that if you have to cancel your vacation, your Travel Advisor will not receive compensation for any time and effort spent on your vacation as the commission will not be paid by the supplier.  Should you have to cancel your trip, we would greatly appreciate any future travel plans being booked with us as well as referrals as a thank you for our time.

What if I only need to purchase theme park tickets?  No problem, we can still help with those!  The level of services included for a ticket only purchase may vary by Travel Advisor however.  


What about these offers I hear about?  When special offers are released by Disney, our Travel Advisors take care of having an eligible & available offer applied to your reservations.  Once completed, they will send you an email with your savings amount.  We check each reservation we have to see how we can save you the most money.  Special offers are never guaranteed and are often released with limited availability.  Flexibility is key to being able to take advantage of a potential savings at times.

You work off commission, does that mean you'll try to get me to book more than I need?  The short answer is no.   Vacation options are available with a wide range of price points and no vacation is alike.  We make recommendations based upon our experience & expertise combined with your needs, while still keeping the budget in mind.  We will share the reasoning behind the recommendation and take the time to explain your options.  For example, a dining plan or the Park Hopper option doesn't fit everyone.  Or perhaps after hearing your wish list for a resort hotel, a higher level option may be the better fit.  Our Travel Advisors provide guidance as to what makes the most sense for your vacation.  Sometimes, wishes and expectations don't match up with a budget, so we'll help you figure out what fits your family's dreams, needs, and budget best.  

What if I want to handle some of the details?  That's the beauty of working with us.  YOU get to decide just how involved you want to be with the planning.  If you want to handle the details of making dining reservations for your Disney or Universal vacation,  while we make the booking & monitor for special offers, great.  We can do that.  You'll be in control over the planning while helping a small business.  For others, they want or need us to handle all of the details after getting to know your family's wishes & needs.  We can do that too!  And for many others, it's a blend of both worlds.  Regardless of where you fall on the planning spectrum, you can still use a Travel Advisor for your vacation adventure.  We meet you where YOU are at for planning needs.


How can I contact you?  We are available by email and phone.  Some Travel Advisors are available by text and/or social media as well.  Please connect with your Travel Advisor to discuss their preferred method of contact and schedule.  Most planning can take place by email, but there are times when a planning call works best.  We want to make communication as convenient as possible for you.

What if I booked my Disney trip already?  If you have booked directly with Disney within the last 30 days and are not paid in full, you can transfer your reservation to our agency to receive our planning services.  We will not transfer bookings from other travel agencies for professional courtesy and respect. 

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