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Krista Reince
Independent Travel Advisor

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Hey there memory maker!

Thank you for clicking into my travel advisor page. Since you’re here, I’m betting you want to know about me.

First, go reheat that cold cup of coffee sitting in the microwave. (Or maybe it’s on your kiddos’ dresser? Check there.) Then settle in for a quick break from the demands of the day.

My name is Krista Reince (she/her), and I’m a coffee – okay, actually cream and sugar foofi drink – drinking mom of twins who loves creating memories and bringing play to the child in everyone.

By day I help college students develop leadership and soft skills. They invite me to join is as they discover who they are and where they’re going after college. (How cool is that!)

My passion is helping people, and my talents include organization, planning, and communication. It all comes in handy for my work with college students and my services as a travel planner or – as I like to think of myself –

Travel Monster Charmer!

“What’s that?” you ask.

Have you ever…

  • been frozen by too many options for your vacation?

  • gotten lost in conflicting information while planning your time off?

  • missed current moments with your loved ones while waiting on hold for answers about a trip?

  • forgotten a dining reservation or payment deadline?

  • needed a vacation from your vacation?


If you said YES then you’ve been a victim of a travel monster.


These sneaky – yet unassuming – monsters replace fun and joy with fear, worry, and doubt.


They eat up your time and keep you from creating happy memories. They steal away from your family moments.


And I’m here to stop them!


Krista Reince

Travel Monster Charmer | Family Travel Planning Specialist


With my sidekick – Bob the Traveling MonSTAR – I’ve got you covered with experience and knowledge tailored to you and the specific trip you want to take. No misinformation or wasting time on hold. Nuh-uh. We’re kicking it to the curb and turning that monster mayhem into monSTAR memories.


So, let’s gets started.

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Weston, WI

(Wausau area)


My husband and I took our 3 kids and some of their grandparents to Disney World recently and we had the best time! We worked with Krista to plan our travels and she is the absolute best! She helped us every step of the way and made sure our travels went smoothly, which they did! We have the best memories from our trip and our kids are already asking when we can go back! Thank you for everything, Krista! We will definitely plan our travels with you again in the future! - Dina


I waited about 900 days to take my family on our Universal Studios vacation. Even though there were bumps along the way, I am so glad we were able to experience this together. Thank you @travelmonstercharmer for all your help in planning, prepping and troubleshooting over the last few years. – Kelly P.

Krista was wonderful to work with. She is incredibly detail oriented and knowledgeable. Our trip to Walt Disney World went flawlessly, all credit to her guidance, support and planning! She was available for any questions we had, sent a detailed itinerary for us to follow, and helped us choose what days, parks and extras we wanted to include. This trip was particularly special and meaningful to our family as well. She listened to our story, and helped make it extra special and memorable for all of us - adults and kids included! My kids still talk about this trip, and we can't wait to plan another trip back to Disney with Krista's help! I highly recommend working with Krista!! – Leslie F.

Krista is the person you want when planning your next trip! From the first point of contact until departure and beyond, she is there to make your travel experience a five star. Ask any question on your destination or travel and she has the answer, or will get it for you. Krista focuses on what your expectations are for the perfect trip and she delivers. I wouldn't want any other travel planner. – Vicky W.

Krista assisted my family with our Disney World trip, and it was fabulous! Her hints and tricks to make the experience even more magical wowed my kids and family, and she has ideas for even veteran Disney fans. I can only be so magical on my own, and did not have the capacity to plan all the details, make all the reservations, and ensure I met all the deadlines. Krista took care of everything to make sure we could do all the things we wanted and that my kids had the times of their lives. We would not have had the trip we did without her help. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Krista. She is family focused, and listens to what you want. – Marlene R.

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