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Family Travel ~ Where You Can Find Magic in the Smallest of Moments

At Reach for the Magic Destinations, we help you have the vacation of your dreams with the help of our personalized services, attention to details, and customized information.

Personalized Service

Each family is unique and what works best for one may not work well for another.  We make sure you have the vacation of YOUR dreams, not ours or your neighbor's.


From the initial contact to planning process, and even during your travels, we’re always just a phone call or email away! 


You can relax while we take care of the details thanks to our years of experience, network of travel connections, and continuous training & development.

How We Create Your Unforgettable Vacation Adventure

Step 1:  Let’s Connect – We’ll hop on a consultation call or chat via email so we can learn more about your vacation dreams, needs, budget, and more.  This allows us to begin the process of planning a trip that fits your family like a glass slipper. 

Step 2:  Quoting Process – We’ll begin putting together tailored recommendations for your vacation.   You’ll receive 2-3 preliminary options to review and then we’ll work together to refine your options until we achieve that perfect fit.

Step 3:  Let’s Dig In – It’s booking time, where you get to relax while we get to work!  We take care of the travel booking on your behalf, from your package resort stay, cruise stateroom, ground transportation, and more.  We’ll also highlight (and remind you) important dates and share details that can make or break your trip, including tips, so you have an enchanting time.  *Please note each travel advisor offers varying services, so please connect with your advisor for specifics.

Step 4:  Time to Travel – Set off on your adventure!  You can focus on the fun while knowing you have your travel advisor as a resource, should any issues arise. 

Are you ready to plan your next adventure?  If so, let's connect!

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