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Meet Denise Lang, Owner and Travel Advisor

Hi there!

My professional & personal history has always involved helping others; it's part of my value system.  And when a passion for helping others came together with a love for travel & family, magic happened. 

Many moons ago, my partner and I planned our honeymoon to Walt Disney World Resort.  We booked that vacation with a local travel agent and after leaving her office, we never heard from her again.  A few years later, after booking several trips on my own, I decided to try booking with a Disney focused travel agent.  It was an improved experience, yet there was something lacking…a relationship.  I didn't want my vacation order taken and delivered like a restaurant meal.  I wanted personalized and thoughtful service; I wanted someone to work with me as a team, not just book my trip and tell me what dates I can make my dining reservations. 

While I knew I could handle the details of the planning on my own, I wanted to be able to bounce ideas off of or have someone there to help advocate for my family in the event of an issue.  This led me to jumping into the travel industry as a travel consultant specializing in Disney destinations in 2007.  I launched Reach for the Magic Destinations in 2015, with a commitment to providing personal and professional services to clients. 

My invitation to you is to get ready to create some amazing memories.  It's just not the magic of the destination, it's the magic of "togetherness."  Experiencing something fun and lighthearted together.  Being joyful together.  In the world of today, I believe we need more of this type of magic.  Vacations are an investment into your family and friends.  We help you make the most of your trip and be seekers of your own magic with our personalized service and support throughout the entire planning process.  By allowing us to do the heavy lifting on many of your travel tasks and working together, you get to have more sparkle and less stress.

If you’re ready to chat about where your vacation lands you, check out our delightful team of travel advisors and set sail for adventure!



Agency Mission & Values

The “Magic of Togetherness”


Our Vision:  To inspire you to build upon your legacy by making vacation memories together.

Our Mission:  Empower families to experience the “Magic of Togetherness” by keeping your needs at the forefront of the vacation and simplifying the planning process with information and guidance.  Since we believe vacations are investments in our relationships and memories, we hope we can help you focus on your loved ones rather than feeling overwhelmed or exhausted in handling all the trip details.




  • SERVICE - Provide consistent and reliable service to you and our travel advisor team and encourage acts of service & support within our local communities.  To be proactive and responsive service providers who deliver clear and consistent communication.  To meet your expectations as we clarify your goals, prioritize quality, engage with enthusiasm, and learn from you.

  • CONNECTION – Encourage stronger relationships with your loved ones, your circle, and your community.  To offer our travel advisors support, encouragement, and community.  To provide a transparent, supportive, accepting environment and to honor what matters to you and who you are as an individual.  Recognize that you and our travel advisors are human, so we strive to be honest, friendly, caring, and humble.

  • INTEGRITY - Conduct business in an ethical manner with honesty & respect.  Focus on your needs & wishes while making recommendations that best fit what you are looking for, rather than a cookie-cutter vacation.  To provide an inclusive you matter environment for you and our travel advisors where all feel valued, respected, and heard.  Value humanity in all its diversity and to live and work in ways that include and celebrate others.

  • EMPOWERMENT– Inspire you to give yourself permission to take time to build your family's legacy.  To provide information so you are equipped to make decisions and create the vacation you dream of.  Encourage our team of travel advisors to learn and grow within their own capacity and provide them with information and tools needed. 

  • MAGIC - Remind you to reach for the "Magic of Togetherness."  Encourage you and our travel advisors to seek everyday MAGIC at home and on vacation.  We wish for you to delight in discovery and adventure while you experience joyful hearts, fun, and spontaneity.  We inspire you to understand how an ordinary moment can become an extraordinary memory.

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