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Are you interested joining a dynamic team of travel advisors and help others make magical memories?

Awesome!  Please read the information shared below to learn more about what we do and what the opportunity looks like.

Helping others make magical memories is what we do.  However, you must understand this is an opportunity that is sales-driven career.  Our team is growing and we are currently looking for qualified applicants who are interested in joining the Reach for the Magic Destinations team as an Independent Contractor.  Independent Contractors are not employees of the agency, but conduct services as a contracted Travel Advisor with Reach for the Magic Destinations.  This means you are an entrepreneur and your efforts into marketing, networking, providing service to clients directly impact your success.

This career might be a great fit for you if you want to:

  • Own your own business.

  • Set your own schedule.

  • Work from home.

  • Have a career that is fueled by your passion for travel; specifically theme park, cruise, or all inclusive travel.

June 2021 - Universal Orlando Resort

We are helping clients create magical family memories, so client care is our highest priority.  Our Travel Advisors must understand that we assist in planning the vacation of the client’s dreams, not our own.

Our boutique-style agency specializes in theme park travel, cruising, and all inclusive.   You can choose to specialize in one area, a few destinations, or all that we offer: it’s up to you.  Please note we do not book airfare for many packages nor does the agency offer travel services to all destinations around the globe.  

Please read this information carefully if you are interested in joining our team.  If you make it all the way through and are still interested, we invite you to complete the questionnaire and see where this leads.

Skills that are beneficial in a Travel Advisor:

  • Have recent experience with travel and/or sales.

  • Passion for travel and building family legacy

  • Willing to invest time, energy and more into training and personal development.

  • Strong computer and communication skills.

  • Detail oriented and a strong work ethic.

  • Be a self-starter and motivated to grow a business.

  • Be comfortable with discussing and assisting with diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility needs or concerns with clients.

What else is of value?

  • A dedicated office space within your home.

  • Access to a reliable internet and computer.

  • Personal characteristics, such as honesty, integrity, creativity, dedication, and respect.

  • Having access to a network of potential clients and be motivated to build your clientele.

  • Enjoy a positive, team-oriented culture while working independently.

  • Active on social media.

Sept 2021 - Disney Cruise Line

Why partner with Reach for the Magic Destinations?

  • Fun and highly supportive team atmosphere

  • Regular and reliable communication with agency

  • Generous commission splits and timely commission payments via direct deposit

  • Regular virtual agency meetings and co-working sessions

  • Training provided through the agency's program, The Academy (self-paced program)

  • Access to supplier training and other professional development opportunities

  • Access to resources to help operate your business

  • Opportunity to earn discounts on personal travel (based upon sales and eligibility)

  • About Me page on agency website

  • Sales achievement programs

  • And more!

Are you an already established travel professional looking for a change?

We might be the change you're looking for. Keep reading and if we seem like a good fit, let's take the next step.  If you'd like to schedule a call to discuss your situation further, we can do that.  With proven sales, we may offer you a higher commission split than a brand new agent and you might be eligible for a decreased cost for the The Academy at agency discretion.

Note:  we do not actively recruit established travel professionals by cold contacting you.  You must reach out to us if you are interested.


What does it cost?
There is a non-refundable fee of $150 to join the agency's training & onboarding program (The Academy) where we will provide basic training to get you started with a core framework.  A annual technology fee is charged upon completion of the onboarding program & signing of your Independent Contractor/Travel Advisor Agreement and covers the cost of the online CRM, professional email address, travel advisor page on the website, and maintenance of those items.  


Please understand an investment is made for both parties when bringing a new Travel Advisor onboard.  It is expected that The Academy training program will be completed within THREE months (90 days) of signing your training agreement. If you cannot commit to doing so, please consider applying at another time.  If you do not complete the onboarding program within the 90 days as outlined, an Independent Contractor/Travel Advisor Agreement may not be extended to you.  In addition to a financial commitment, there is also a time investment involved.  You must dedicate several hours per week to complete the program.

Examples of expenses you may incur as part of operating your business:  home office equipment, phone line, business cards, marketing materials, office supplies, internet, required state licensing, postage, etc. 

It’s not all sunshine and roses…
Being a travel professional isn’t all pixie dust and glittery fun.  This is a commission-based business, which means you do all the work prior to being compensated.  It also could mean working with a potential client for weeks (putting in several hours of work) and then they choose to book on their own, book with a different agency, or not go at all.  A client may have to cancel their vacation, meaning you lose compensation for any work up to that point.  Personal vacations will most likely change for you as you never really take off your Travel Advisor hat.  We don’t want to scare you away, but do want to provide you with a basic understanding of how this job works.  It will take a minimum of 20+ hours a week in order to successfully launch your business.  In addition to quoting, booking, and assisting clients, it is suggested you spend time on personal development and marketing your business.  The job is a lot of work, much more than one anticipates, and the agency asks that you be booking vacations regularly.  Ultimately, the more you dedicate yourself to your business, the more earning potential exists.

Other Important Information

We are currently able to enter into agreement with residents of the United States, except for individuals residing in Hawaii or California.  We cannot book clients or contract with individuals who reside in Hawaii or California as we do not have a Seller of Travel license for either state.

Reminder, this is an independent contractor opportunity.  Employment and benefits are not being offered.

June 2022 - Strategic Planning Retreat

Still interested?
If you are interested in joining our team, please click on the I'm Interested button below.  

We ask that you understand that we are serious about finding the very best fit for our team and because of that our interview process is quite thorough.  Upon review of your initial Interest Form, you may be sent a more detailed questionnaire that is destination specific as the next step.  Please answer the interest questions completely or your information will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.  Provide detailed responses whenever possible and know that your answers and how they are written are part of our evaluation of your ability to communicate. An interview via Zoom will take place as the third step in our process.

While we appreciate everyone who submits a questionnaire, we will only contact those we wish to invite to the next step in the process.

Thank you for your interest!

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