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Need Some Character In Your Life?

Many guests were disappointed to hear that traditional character meet & greets are not happening with the reopening of the Disney theme parks due to safety measures & precautions. I get it, it's a fun part of the traditional Disney vacation. However, Disney has done a terrific job making characters available to see and interact with (via socially distanced) in this crazy COVID-travel time.

Characters are popping up here and there throughout the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort® and even character dining is making a comeback in a limited capacity. From Chip & Dale boating through Frontierland to Joy traipsing in Epcot to Alice making friends in the United Kingdom, you can catch those waves & blown kisses and even take some posed photographs with the characters behind you!

As guests enter the Magic Kingdom, characters and other entertainment greet everyone with song & dance from the train station at the Magic Kingdom. From some beloved Boo To You parade entertainers to the Big Cheese himself, it's a wonderful way to begin the morning!

And while the traditional parade isn't taking place at Disney's Magic Kingdom, there are "cavalcades" taking place throughout the day at the theme parks . What's a cavalcade you ask? Well, it's essentially a procession of people walking or riding on horseback or in vehicles. And that is exactly what happens at Disney. A character parade float or vehicle(s) make their way through the parks, heralded with themed music and the opportunity to say hi to that beloved character friend!

Here are some photos from the cavalcades at Magic Kingdom & Epcot:

The cavalcades at Magic Kingdom ran approximately every 20 minutes throughout most of the day, so you don't have to wait long and since they follow the traditional parade route there is lots of space to socially distance along the way.

Our group found the character sightings fun and exciting and didn't take up a great deal of time out of the day. You can spend as much time hanging out to watch these character opportunities as you'd like, so that lends solid flexibility into your day. While it's not the classic meet & greet, it can still be a magical experience. It's just a bit different.

Character offerings are subject to change and the most up-to-date operations & information can be found at Disney's Know Before You Go guide.



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