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I've been helping families plan vacations for over 15 years and visit Disney World regularly.  It's my mission to help you experience a great vacation and to help build your family's legacy with positive vacation memories. 


As my roles & responsibilities shift within the agency as well as due to the level of expertise and time involved for Disney World vacations, I do offer two planning service options for my guests to choose from (both for package bookings and ticket only sales).  Read more about what each option offers below.


One is complimentary (and includes more information than what you'll get by booking directly with Disney) and if you wish for more personalized and intensive attention & service, those upgraded services do require a fee.  I also offer an independent planning fee for those not booked with me, but still need some help. 

The Upgraded services option allows me to spend more time getting to know you, your vacation dreams & wishes, and your must do's to help create the right vacation for YOUR family while responsibly managing each of my travel clients, travel advisor team, owner duties, and still have time for my family.

*Please understand I do limit the amount of upgraded clients for each month of travel to

ensure I have time to dedicate to each travel party.

*If you wish to work with another travel advisor at the agency instead,

please let me know and I can share who would be a good match for you!

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