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How do I get a REAL ID?

Visit your state’s driver’s licensing agency website to find out exactly what documentation is required to obtain a REAL ID.  At a minimum, you must provide documentation showing: 

1) Full Legal Name

2) Date of Birth

3) Social Security Number

4) Two Proofs of Address of Principal Residence

5) Lawful Status.

States may impose additional requirements, so check with your state’s driver’s licensing agency website, before visiting them in person, for additional guidance and assistance.

Tip: Make sure you request a REAL ID. Other forms of ID are available at the DMV, so be sure you are getting what you need.

Tip: If possible, take more than the minimum number of documents required, in case one of them is rejected.

Tip: Plan ahead! Don't wait until the last minute or even the weeks prior to travel. The congestion that typically occurs at DMV's around the country is only to get worse as the deadline approaches.



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