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The Power of an Afternoon Break

Many people (including myself most of the time) do not plan to take an afternoon break during vacation. It is very common for people to just be on auto pilot and be nonstop during vacation.

Taking an afternoon break during your vacation is important for many reasons.

Here are some reasons to take an afternoon break during your next vacation,

  • Relax and Recharge- Slowing down from the busyness of your vacation will allow you to unwind, destress and rejuvenate. Whether it's taking a time to slow down and sit somewhere at your destination and having a snack, or heading back to the resort room for a nap or a dip in the pool.

  • Increased productivity- You do not want to burn out during your vacation, you want to make the most of it. Taking this mid day break will allow you to return back to the fun freshly focused and energized.

  • Enjoying the Destination- Taking a break will allow you to enjoy the destination to the fullest. During your break you can try a new restaurant or snack you've been wanting, You can explore your resort and enjoy some low-key amenities they offer. If you are at a theme park, you can walk around or find a seat and just take in the atmosphere, or sit back and watch a show.

  • Well-being- A lot of destinations we offer, tend to be in warmer climate areas. Taking a break to get out of the heat is very important. Setting time to have a meal is very important. Taking time during your day to make sure you are staying hydrated is also very important. Having an escape to somewhere with air conditioning or a dip in the pool can also help with this.

  • Quality Time- Spending quality time with your travel party will make for a more enhanced experience. Taking an afternoon break allows for this. This will allow time to connect and make even more memories during your trip.

In all, taking an afternoon break during your vacation is essentials for making the best out of your vacation.

Do you take an afternoon break on vacation?

  • Yes, it's an essential!

  • No, but I'm definitely going to start!

  • An afternoon break is not for me.



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