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Walt Disney World Water Parks: Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World Water Parks: Blizzard Beach

Did you know Walt Disney World offers two different water parks? Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are sure to make a splash of fun with your family when you are considering your next Walt Disney World vacation.

I have had the opportunity to explore and enjoy Disney’s Blizzard Beach for a few different days. Fall break my family decided to do a Walt Disney World vacation package of 3 park days and add on the water park option where it allowed us to also visit the water park for 3 days. This was amazing! Wanted to share a bit about our experience at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Upon arrival we are instantly transported into what feels like a winter wonderland – but in the hot sun and water activities everywhere! We first decided to take the chair lift up to see what kind of fun we could get into, and honestly just to enjoy the ride on the chair lift! We enjoyed a family tube ride called TeamboatSprings, this was such a highlight and so much fun! We enjoyed other thrill rides like Snow Stormers, Slush Gusher, Runoff Rapids and Downhill Double Dipper. My husband decided to go down Summit Plummet. I enjoyed watching my daughter at Ski Patrol Training Camp – a fun area full of activities for older children to play and enjoy! One of the absolute favorite family things we did together was the Toboggan Racers, we did this again and again to see who could race down the hills the fastest! So much fun! For the littler children, they offer Tikes Peak,which is a great play area for young kiddos to enjoy and splash around! Melt Away Bay is also a great area to enjoy but another family favorite was the Cross Country Creek, think lazy river! This was relaxing and fun and a little surprise here and there when you have freezing water drip on you from above when going under certain areas! Of course, last but not least, we enjoyed the wave pool location. For the more adventurous, you can go further out and catch some great waves. For the less adventurous, it’s nice to just float along and enjoy the soft waves upon entering the pool.

Blizzard Beach also has some great food and snack options! We enjoyed lunch at Lottawatta Lodge where they serve quick bites including cheeseburgers and flatbreads. You can also enjoy a snack from Avalunch which features hot dogs, snacks, draft beer and more. You won’t go hungry or thirsty around this park, plenty of other snack options around this park. We dove into a delicious ice cream cone while lounging on one of the many relaxing beach chairs in a sandy area.

There is a lot more to see and experience outside of the Walt Disney World theme parks, I encourage you to add a water park plus option to your next Walt Disney World package and enjoy one of these water parks!



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