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Walt Disney World Character Dining: Topolino’s Terrace - Flavors of the Riviera

Walt Disney World Character Dining: Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera


When visiting Walt Disney World and considering a character dining experience, breakfast at Topolinos’s Terrace at Disney’s Rivera Resort is a great choice!

I was staying at Pop Century Resort and hopped on the Skylinerand made my way on over to Disney’s Riviera Resort to enjoy this character dining experience! The Riviera is a beautiful resort! Upon arrival, we made our way to the top floor of the resort where the restaurant is. This character dining experience felt different than many others, it felt a lot more upscale! Lots of character meals can be a tad noisy and very upbeat and busy, this was quite different! The restaurant was a very luxury feel, laid back, exquisite place to dine and the ambiance was so inviting.

We were escorted to our table where we can choose entrees from the menu of what to order. A cast member brought our table a basket of pastries and POG juice. This was an excellent start to the meal! The restaurant is beautiful! Wonderful touches of the Riviera all throughout and very much art themed. Characters began to come out and we got to see Minnie, Mickey, Donald,and Daisy. We were able to take great photos and had amazing character interactions!

Now, the food! I ordered the Sour Cream Waffles which wereroasted apples, Chantilly and an orange maple syrup served with your choice of protein! This was absolutely delicious, and I was so glad I ordered this! My husband ordered the Wood – fired Steak and Eggs which was a polenta, tomatoes, roasted potatoes, wild mushroom conserva and choice of eggs. My daughter ordered the Mickey Shaped Waffle Dippers – this was so cute! She had 3 different dipping sauces and served with two sides. We love fruit so we also added the fruit plate for the able to enjoy which was fresh fruit, honey yogurt and seed granola. My husband stated it was the best breakfast he has had on Disney property!


Why choose a resort character dining experience?

- A great opportunity to meet certain characters without waiting in lines at the parks.

- Delicious food and new experiences at different resorts, who knows maybe after visiting that resort it will spark your interest in a new resort to stay at next time that you would not have thought of before!

- A great way to experience characters and the Disney magic outside of the parks and can enjoy this on a resort day/ rest day!

This restaurant can be a hard one to get, I highly recommend asking your travel agent advice on reservations for this one! If you are looking to try something new and have not dined here, I recommend Topolino’s Terrace! Reach out to your travel agent for more information regarding character dining and Topolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort!



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