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What's in your Park Bag?

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World, “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, can be exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, and more! However, I also know it can be daunting, stressful, and exhausting to figure out all the nitty, gritty details – such as what to pack!

I am here to help with part of that! What to pack in your park bag! I thought it might be fun to do a “What’s in your park bag?” Blog – Kayla edition. Hopefully, you find this, fun and insightful and makes packing your park bag a little less stressful! Keep in mind, this will heavily depend on what season you are visiting – so I will have three sections. 1) Year-round must haves, 2) Summer essentials, 3) Winter necessities.

Year- Round Must Haves!

· Most important: A Reusable Water Bottle! I personally do not love the taste of Disney water, so I bring my Brita filter water bottle, however, any water bottle will do. No matter the temperature, you need to ensure to stay hydrated!

· Poncho. Florida weather is unpredictable. Therefore, I always have a poncho in my bag just in case we get a random shower!

· Portable Power Bank. I take a whole lot of pictures, videos, etc while in the park – not to mention I use the Disney World App to check ride wait times, order food, etc. Nonetheless – I use a LOT of battery, so I always make sure I have this charged in my bag!

· Hand sanitizer. Maybe I am a germaphobe, but I always have some in my bag for when I need clean hands and I am not near a sink.

I use a small bag, this is a Makeup Junkie Bag, and fill it with the essentials!
First Aid

· First Aid. Disney consists of SO much walking, and with that comes blisters, sore muscles, headaches from the rides/dehydration/heat, etc. Also, motion sickness, too much food, other issues that may arise - can and will. The magic doesn’t take away all the things. 😊 I always have a pouch with a few things to help:

o Mole skin

o Band-Aids

o Neosporin

o Pain Medicine

o Antacids

· Wallet. I always pack a little wallet, with my Drivers License, Credit Card, and sometimes small bills for tipping.

· Magic Bands/Park Tickets/etc. Which ever method you choose to get into the parks, make sure you have it with you!

· Phone! Does this need more explanation?

DJI Osmo, Case, Handheld Tripod, Cards+Case
Camera Gear

· Camera and accessories. I have a DJI Osmo that I take for footage, as well as extra SD cards, charging cord (for power bank), and tripod. This is not necessary if you don’t want anything to capture footage other your phone, but I sure have fun with it!

· Chapstick. The sun, and the wind from the rides, and the dehydration all contribute to dry lips. So I ALWAYS have Chapstick on hand.

· Hair ties and brush. The wind from the rides can wreak havoc on your hair. I always have a portable brush and some extra hair ties on me.

· Sunglasses. I don’t care what season it is; the Florida sun is BRIGHT.

Hand Sanitizer, Wallet, Chapstick, Brush, Hair ties, Sunglasses

· Ziplock bag. I use these for water rides to store my phone, camera, etc. Anything I don’t want to get wet. Also comes in handy during a downpour.

· Gum. Disney does not sell gum, so I suggest bringing your own if you like to chew gum. Just please be respectful and never spit it out on the ground or leave it anywhere other than a trash can.

· Reusable straw. Disney only has paper straws, and I do not love how soggy those get, so I carry this nifty reusable straw in a case with me for when I get drinks!

· SUNSCREEN! Rather it is 110 degrees, or 70 degrees, the Florida sun is harsh and you should always have your skin protected!

· Wipes. I use these to clean the table before eating, clean off sticky hands, etc.

Summer Essentials!

· Portable fan. No explanation needed!

· Cooling towel or mister. Again, no explanation needed. It is HOT, HOT in the summer.

· Lip Sunscreen. In the summer, I replace my normal Chapstick with this.

· Sandals. This is a great way to keep your shoes and socks from getting wet on water rides, just keep a pair of lightweight sandals in your bag to swap into!

Power Bank, Poncho, and Fan

Winter Necessities!

· Lightweight jacket. Cooler months usually get a bit chilly early morning, and late evening so I always have a lightweight jacket rolled up in my bag. Layers are also helpful!

Other things you may want, that I don’t necessarily have listed!

· Lanyard/Pins. If you are into pin trading, make sure to take these with you!

· Pennies for pressing. This is a fun way for kids to get souvenirs.

· Snacks. I prefer eating my way around the park, but if you want to save some money: throw some small snacks in your bag!

· Glow sticks. This is a great way to keep your kids entertained without having to buy the over priced glow toys there!

· Autograph Book/Pen. Again, if you have kids this is a fun way of interacting with characters.

If traveling during COVID: Please Note: You will for sure want some extra masks with you, and some things (like character autographs) won’t be around so that won’t be necessary.

Hope you found this helpful for knowing what all you need INSIDE the parks! 😊

-Kayla Ross

Guest Blogger

*The opinions within this post are my own and no financial compensation was provided in exchange for this review.*



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