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A bit about why Pride matters to us

At Reach for the Magic Destinations, we believe in the power of connection, service, feeling valued, empowerment, and more by servicing and supporting diverse communities of people, including the LGBTQIA+ community.  From personal experience, our families & friends, our clients, and local communities, we continue to learn how to better serve this community and do so in a manner that is supportive while also keeping safety & respect at the forefront of their experience with us and during travel.

This month, Denise & Krista, participated in two local Pride events (Wausau Pride and Stevens Point Pride).  While a benefit to the agency is the additional business awareness we’d earn during these events, the primary reason for showing up and engaging with event participants was to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community; to “see” people as their authentic selves, to help create a safe space of solidarity & community, to celebrate progress, to listen, and to hear their stories.  Of course, we talked travel as well.  We heard their travel memories, listened to concerns about travel, and discussed what destinations might offer the most safety & acceptance.

The highlights of the events for Krista & Denise were:

  • Sharing positivity, support, and love with everyone, but especially the youth.  We each had some delightful conversations with young people who were experiencing their first Pride event.  We also talked with families who had driven upwards of two+ hours to attend the event because it was the closest option.

  • Seeing complete joy and acceptance on individual faces as they interacted with us.  Sometimes because they felt “seen” and a few times, it was the overwhelm of the realization that we had their identity (aka flag) represented in our ornament giveaway.   

  • Giving back to the community.  There is something magic about the moment someone realizes you recognize their humanity and accept them simply as they are.  We both enjoy engaging with our local community through in-person events, but these two events felt extra special.

We thank everyone we spoke with for their stories, their vulnerability, for the laughs, for the smiles.  We also wish to share our appreciation to the Walt Disney Travel Company for their support in us attending these two events.  While Disney is a brand & supplier we love offering, their support of the LGBTQIA+ community makes us appreciate them even more.

Travel can open doors, hearts, and minds for people.  Unfortunately, there are still places in the world where it’s not safe to travel or be one’s authentic self.  As a travel agency, we do our best to help match clients with the right destination and experience for them; always keeping the client’s needs in mind.  Sometimes that is safety concerns, accessibility, or acceptance.  The world is a diverse place and so are its people.  Everyone deserves to have their humanity recognized, their dignity & rights affirmed, and belong as a fundamental piece of this Earthly experience we call being human. 


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