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Disney Character Dining: Ohana

Disney Character Dining: Ohana

Interested in a fun and delicious character breakfast? Look no further than Ohana! You will find Ohana nestled inside of Disney’s Polynesia Resort on the second floor. This restaurant offers two different dining experiences! In the mornings you can enjoy Best Friends Breakfast featuring Lilo and Sitch plus Pluto and Mickey and in the evenings you will enjoy a Hawaiian/Polynesian flavored all – you – care – to – enjoy dinner!

Upon arrival to our breakfast we enjoy walking through the stunning Polynesian Resort! We had the choice of elevator or stairs, we chose stairs, as we made our way to the second floor where Ohana is. Our dining reservation time was for 9:15am. We checked in expecting to wait a bit but we were seated almost right away! Once we sat, we were offered some delicious coffee and they brought out our favorite, POG juice! POG juice is Passion Fruit, Orange Juice, Guava Juice and it’s absolutely divine! Secondly we got a beautiful fruit plate and pineapple- coconut breakfast bread. Wow! This bread is delicious! While enjoying this, Lilo made her way to us and we were able to snap a few photos with her and it was a great way to start off our meal!

We received our Ohana Breakfast skillet and we were surprised by the size, it was certainly plenty of food for the 3 of us. The skillet consisted of scrambled eggs, pork sausage links, Hawaiian style ham with pineapple compote, fried island style potatoes, biscuits and a side plate of Mickey Waffles! Now, is it just me or do waffles just taste better when they are in the shape of a Mickey head?! The shining stars of this skillet were of course the waffles but the island style potatoes were a family favorite! A close second was the ham with pineapple compote! My husband was the only one to try a biscuit, my daughter and myself were quite too full for much more! Next, we see all the characters back out and they did a really fun dance around the restaurant! It was so cute and had everyone clapping or dancing along.

Lastly, the characters made their way back to us. As they go through rotations, when we first arrived it must have been at the ending of a rotation as we spent most of our meal without characters. While waiting for our check we were able to give Stitch a great big hug and take a few photos, take a few family shots with Mickey Mouse, a few fun selfies with Pluto and then Lilo even made her way back around and we got to give her a few extra hugs! By the time we were ready to leave, paid and finished meeting all of the characters, it was around 10:30am.

What an absolutely great start to the day! Whether you are planning to then leave and go to a park, head back to a resort, spend the day at Disney Springs or maybe a round of put-put golf at one of the Disney courses, this is a sure way to give you that Disney magic first thing in your day!



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