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Enchanted Rose

I have had the privilege of enjoying in what my  opinion, one of the finest lounges at Walt Disney World! You can find the Enchanted Rose inside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Enchanted Rose is a perfect balance of lounge elegance mixed with that perfect Disney flare. Upon entering this lounge, you are instantly transported into all things Beauty and the Beast. In the bar area you are transported to the ball room and the centerpiece of this lounge is the chandelier which embodies Belles infamous yellow gown. Absolutely stunning!


No matter where you are sat at, please take the time to explore this exquisite lounge and each room! In another space, you are surrounded by amazing bookshelves as any Beauty and the Beast fan knows Belles love of reading and the beautiful library inside the Beasts castle. One of the beautiful framed artwork pieces is in fact a television! When looking closely at the bookshelves you will see a special appearance from Cogsworth and Lumiere. You will also find a rose placed inside a glass case, so whimsical. The final space of this lounge would be considered “the garden”. In this setting the lighting is set to be very dim and there are beautiful painted walls that should resemble around the Beasts enchanted castle. This is the area that I was sat in, and it did not disappoint.


Our waiter and bar tender were so attentive. They made sure to make us feel like the most special people in the room, and can you believe they will do that for every single guest? I made sure to ask questions about the lounge and menu and the wait staff were so happy to tell us a lot about it and more. By the end of the night, our fabulous waiters felt more like friends! What a great experience.


The menu! The menu is fabulous. There are so many drinks to satisfy any taste buds. I am going to highlight the Lavender Fog cocktail! This cocktail is a tea based cocktail and the bartender let me know that it appears to be foggy from the setting of the movie when you are around the enchanted castle. This is a cocktail I will literal dream of! When ordering from the menu of fun apps, I chose the Seasonal Flatbread that consisted of Artichoke, Fig, Ricotta, Garlic and Watercress. This could be the perfect way to unwind after a long day at the parks, or a great choice to stop in at before a dining experience or to finish the night off with a nice little night cap! The Enchanted Rose has captured my heart, I hope you experience it to see why.



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