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Planning a Friends Getaway

In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

A getaway trip with your friends should be on everyone's bucket list. There’s nothing better than spending a few days with your closest friends, making memories, and getting up to some mischief. But planning a girl's getaway trip while considering everyone’s schedules, budgets, and preferences can give you a migraine.


Before you start to feel overwhelmed, we’ve broken down the planning process into some easy parts. Each tip should help make the planning process feel like a group effort! 


So read on, get your friends together, and get ready to have a blast.


Start Planning Early


Get started at least a year in advance. You don’t necessarily have to book your travel that far in advance. You can begin to get the conversation going and gather some general ideas about who can attend and where your group would like to travel. Your lives will be so much easier when it comes time to make arrangements. 


Figure out Your Purpose, Budgets, and Itinerary


Will this trip be about relaxing or are you up for all sorts of activity & adventure? Or maybe you'll do a little of both! Do you want to rough it out in nature or go on a cultural tour? Be sure you are considering everyone’s interests and wallets while the planning is happening. Make sure to agree on a budget before planning to ensure that no one feels pressured to spend over their limit.


Keep the Options Simple


After talking about what you want out of this vacation and agreeing on a budget for everyone, it's time to narrow down your options. Ask everyone in your group to share two or three ideas on things like accommodations and activities. Pay attention to the places that more than one person throws out. If the majority likes a particular destination, hotel, or excursion, you’ve likely found a winner. 


Make It Collaborative


Everyone should have a say in the planning process, but depending on your party size, it’ll be hard to get everyone on the same page. To take some of the pressure off, make a checklist or project planning board using a tool like Trello. Once you have your list, designate individual tasks for everyone in the group and knock out that checklist. This way, the work is split up, and everyone will feel included in the planning process.  


Be Flexible


While planning out the trip, be sure to remind yourself that the goal is having fun. Things happen that you’re not in control of, so try to make the best of the process and the trip. Remember, the main reason for your getaway is to reconnect and spend some much-needed quality time with your friends!


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