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Real Vacation Mishaps

Here are some real life examples of mishaps we’ve heard about or observed during our travels over the years…. these are all things that a travel professional can help you with.

  • You’ve googled "Disney vacation" and come back with 999 million web pages to read through and some of the information is conflicting. You ask on Facebook and receive 32 different suggestions. How do you comb through the options and decide where & how long to stay when everyone has an opinion? #WeCanHelp

  • It’s your family’s first trip and no one has flown before. You load your carry-on with snacks & beverages to help your kiddos manage travel day, only to discover you have to dump your liquids before going through security. #WeCanHelp

  • What? The Magic Kingdom closes early several nights a week in the fall?! I didn't know that and planned my Magic Kingdom day on a party day! #WeCanHelp

  • You wanted to save money, so you booked the cheapest room type at the resort. You get to your room and are disappointed to have a view of the parking lot, or even the back of a building where the garbage containers are. #WeCanHelp

  • You show up for your first family cruise, so excited to mix fun and relaxation, only to discover the kids club has an age limit and the youngest kiddo needs to have a reservation & has a fee for the nursery. #WeCanHelp

  • You were voted the leader of the group for your large multi-family trip, but no one can make up their minds on where to stay and what to do. #WeCanHelp

  • You spend a full year counting down to your Disney vacation and upon arrival, you discover the Harry Potter stuff your kid is so excited for is at Universal. #WeCanHelp

  • Oops, you bought tickets to Disney World but flew to California and showed up at the park with the wrong tickets. #WeCanHelp

Yes, these are all true examples of situations that have happened when choosing to DIY for vacation planning! From choosing a destination, where to stay, what to do, and other little details that could potentially make or break your vacation, why not work with someone who has experience and training to enhance your experience!

A travel professional can help navigate through the information to find the experience that fits your wishes, needs, and budget best. We can help advocate on your behalf should an issue arise. We can help you by offering the most up-to-date information available. We can help as little or as much as you’d prefer. We want to help you have the best experience possible!

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