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Travel Planner Highlight - Kellie Beadle

Why did you want to become a Travel Planner?

I remember how overwhelming our first trip was for me. Our Disney trip became a part-time job researching to make sure everything was perfect. That time paid off, but I also realize not everyone has the time or the patience for this. I thoroughly enjoyed the planning process. I found it fun and exciting. Almost as fun as taking the trip. I enjoy helping others and this seemed like a great way to get to do a little of both. If I can't take a trip to Disney several times a year at least I can help others and live vicariously through them?

What is your favorite Disney theme park?

Magic Kingdom - I love that the moment you walk through the door you are transported to another world. A world where I can leave life behind and relive my childhood. A place where I can be carefree and childlike again and no one cares. A place where I can fully immerse myself and come down to the same level as my daughter. For that day, I get to be a child with her! There's nothing better!

What is your favorite attraction and why?

This one is hard, but I would have to say Small World. It's timeless! A something everyone can enjoy. It connects all of us! Doesn't matter if you are young or old, American, Australian, French or Chinese it connects us all to each other.

What is your favorite Disney spot to take photographs of?

I love the view of Cinderella's Castle from the left side heading into Liberty Town Square. There is a sidewalk that travels up the side of the castle taking you back to Fantasy Land. It's a peaceful view that you can capture the castle, nature and very few other people, if any, in your photo. Truly, Magical.

Are you an early bird or a night owl during your Disney vacations?

Early bird hands down. I love being in the park first thing in the morning. It's usually quieter and you can really take in the parks and absorb what Walt Disney was really trying to create.

What is your favorite WDW resort?

Currently, Pop Century. We have stayed at many of the value resorts and Pop is the one we've enjoyed the most. We are in a stage in life that we are in the parks most of the time so a value is what makes the most sense for our family. We have stayed here many times and have always had a great experience all around.

If you could work as a Cast Member, what would your dream job be?

Snow White hands down. She is my very favorite Disney character. I love her sweetness and innocence. And as a child, I loved that she had dark hair like me and not blonde. Those of you that were born before 1980 and have dark hair should relate.

What is your favorite Disney film?

This is hard to pick just one! For me, the classic princess movies; Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. I remember seeing these films in the theater with my mom and couldn't wait to share them with my daughter.

What is your favorite Disney memory?

My favorite memory was taking our daughter to Disney for the first time. She was only 3, but SO into her princesses and especially Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. She was in complete Awe the first time seeing her. It still brings tears to my eyes. Her world was complete and my heart was full!

If you could ask Walt one question, what would you ask?

I don't know if I would have one question, but I would love to spend an entire day with him, just to see how his mind worked. He was truly and creative and inspiring person. To see that in action would be fantastic.

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