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Fighting the Vacation Blues

As the Travel Monster Charmer, my mission is to keep the travel monsters from invading your vacation. This includes the time spent planning and counting down to vacation, your actual vacation time, and even after your return home.

“Wait!” you exclaim. “There are travel monsters even after vacation?”

Yep. Joym Ugger is especially sneaky.

Joym Ugger looks on with a pouting frown ready to strike your vacation.

On vacation, this monster rears its head through tantrums, I don’t wannas, and crocodile tears. Then as vacation is winding down, it switches gears into stress about returning to daily routine. There’s luggage filled with laundry waiting to be done, work emails pinging with annoyance, regular routine messing with the space-time vacation continuum, and more.

It can be easy for daily life to steal away the moments from vacation.

Here are a few of my “charmer” tactics to keep Joym Ugger packed away after vacation.

  • Keep a journal during vacation. Then come back and read entries to re-live your moments.

  • Not into journaling? Write down favorite moments on notecards. Drop them in a bucket in a central spot in your home. Pull one out whenever you need a pickup.

  • Revisit the sites through a virtual photobook or printed album.

  • Create a copycat meal from vacation and enjoy in the comfort of home.

  • Watch a movie based in your vacation spot. Seeing the sites and hearing the sounds will bring it all back.

  • Of course, nothing cures the blues like planning for your next adventure.

If you’re ready to start your next countdown, it would be my honor to fight off those travel monsters and turn your monster mayhem into monSTAR memories. Or check out the whole host of Reach for the Magic Destinations planners. Together we’re ready to chase away your vacation blues.

Krista is ecstatic to save your vacation as she points her wand at the travel monsters. A banner proclaims, "Turn monster mayhem into monSTAR memories."



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