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Walt Disney World Character Dining : 1900 Park Fare

Walt Disney World Character Dining: 1900 Park Fare


Hooray! 1900 Park Fare is back and dare I say, better than ever?!

1900 Park Fare was a beloved character meal and since 2020 has been closed by finally opened back up April 2024! My family and I were able to dine here in May 2024 and boy was it a treat! All new characters, except for Cinderella has returned, and it made for a wonderful experience. 1900 Park Fare serves breakfast character meals and dinner character meals. Reservations are highly recommended! This restaurant is located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and seated immediately for our early 4pm dining reservations. We love to kickstart a Walt Disney World vacation with a fun character meal! Once we were seated inside the beautiful dining room, we had our drink order taken and then were told about the offerings of the buffet and our daughter received an autographed card on one side and the other side is meant for each person to write down their own personal wish – as a wish is certainly the overall theming of this restaurant. Then we were set off to go enjoy the buffet!

This buffet is full of lots of different options from different salads, to carving stations, to plant based options, seafood, Tiana’s gumbo, children’s fare and so much more! The main highlights for me was the Baked Salmon with saffron lemon butter, Grand Floridian strawberry soup, couscous salad with dried fruits, almonds, mint and parsley, focaccia with sun dried tomato and herbs. My daughter enjoyed the kids build your own pasta selection and fresh garden salads. My husbands favorite was the mashed potatoes, carving station with meat choice and the gumbo.

The characters began to walk through and each one came within 10 minutes of the next. Once you see the first character coming – plan to stay seated so you do not end up missing on! We were first greeted by Mirabel! She was so delightful, fun and corky.. just as we had hoped she would be! Next we met Aladdin, he was a treat! Aladdin shared so many fun stories with us and spent ample time chatting and this was a highlight for my husband – they made lots of funny jokes and a great experience. After Aladdin, Tiana was on her way! She loved learning how we were also from Louisiana and spent plenty of time with us as well. Finally, we met Cinderella. She was poised, beautiful and kind! The character interaction at this restaurant was a 10/10 for our family. The characters spent more time than we are use to at character meals and really had fabulous stories to share with us.

Dessert time! The desserts were fabulous and we tried them all! A few dessert choices were vanilla cupcakes, lemon blueberry cheesecake (our second favorite), toasted coconut cake with passion fruit custard and hibiscus crème , warm chocolate cake (favorite!), and Grand Floridian Financier ( third fav!). They also had a brownie and cookies out.

When finishing dessert, music began to play and they asked for everyone to get their wishing cards out and hold them high in the sky and make a wish. The characters came out and danced and had a great time during this! What a great way to finish the meal.

I highly recommend this experience and looking forward to going back and trying breakfast next. Please ask your travel agent more about this restaurant and make sure to make reservations prior to visiting!



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