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Walt Disney World Character Dining: Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

Walt Disney World Character Dining: Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White


What a whimsical dining experience this is!

Story Book Dining at Artist Point is located inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. You can be easily captivated by the beauty of this restaurant when walking in and seeing all the little sparkling lights and details around.  We had absolutely fabulous cast member dining service the entire meal – this really added to our overall experience.

Once seated, we were in discussion over the amazing appetizers that were brought out! Wild Mushroom Bisque, Hunters Pie, and Wicked Shrimp Cocktail. These were all delicious, I would say the hunters pie was my favorite. They brought enough out for everyone including my daughter to try, but they also gave her an appetizer of her own! The children’s appetizer was “From the Garden” and consisted of honey butter with fruit, vegetables, and cheese. We all really enjoyed this! We ordered the transformation potion drink and that was very fun (mocktail) it was lemonade with “blue potion”. Another member of our party enjoyed The Smoking Mirror which was Whiskey, Wildberry, Lime and Rosemary Smoke. This was a treat to watch being brought to our table!

After appetizers were enjoyed, we then placed our dinner order. While waiting for our dinner, Grumpy made his big appearance! He was hysterical! He was most certainly grumpy, to say the least. After Grumpy made his way through, Dopey wasn’t far behind. We enjoyed getting character autographs and all the silliness that Dopey brought to the table! Next, Snow White! This was probably one of my favorite princess dining character interactions we have had to date (and that says a lot as we have been doing this for about 7 years!). Snow White was incredibly kind, took her time at the table and spoke to each guest.

Our main courses arrived. I enjoyed the “Cottage” Beef Stroganoff as well did another one in our party, another enjoyed Magic Mirror Slow braised Pork Shank and my daughter absolutely loved her grilled chicken with carrots and macaroni and cheese. While we ate, fun music came on and all the characters did a little dance around the dining area. Truly so much fun!

DESSERT TIME! Our overall favorite was the Fairy Tale Gooseberry tart. We also enjoyed the Poison Apple and Miners Treasures. At the end of our dining experience, a cast member approached with the Hunter Gift to the Queen, which was a box opened with smoke and had a chocolate heart for each guest to enjoy. The cast member then gave us a card to say the queen was ready to see us now and to bring it as we were leaving so we could meet the queen. The Evil Queen was – AMAZING. Everything I would have dreamed of meeting the Evil Queen would be like. She was evil, signed autographs and took photos with us all, even gave us an insult or two, all in good fun.


This dining experience is most defiantly one of my favorites to date based on character interaction, food, and ambiance. That will certainly not be our last time to dine at Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White at the Wilderness Lodge!



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