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Mom-Daughter Disney

Hi fellow travelears!

Maureen here, with Reach for the Magic Destinations. I absolutely love adventuring to Disney destinations and I love writing about them even more. I hope you will enjoy the adventures in blogging that we are about to share on a variety of topics.

Disney offers so much to many types of families and groups. You can take a magical journey with your special someone, with your kids, or with extended family. However, there are other special trips that can be had and in my first series of blog posts, I’ll be sharing one of my most memorable trips to date- a mother-daughter trip with my 17 year old daughter, Emily.

2017 had been sort of rough for Emily. She’s a bright and beautiful kid. Academically gifted but her junior year was tough- she took a very rigorous course load and by the time spring semester rolled around, she was pretty beat. On top of that, my mother in law, to whom she was close, passed away from a long battle with cancer. After talking with her dad, we decided to give her the chance to spend some time with me, wherever she wanted. She had several choices but her only request was to return to Walt Disney World. Having lived in Central Florida for many years and having made many trips to Walt Disney World when we did not, she is not a novice to any of the four parks and many resorts. It surprised me none the less but I was thrilled to be able to share this time with her in such a happy place- for both of us.

We had such fun planning together. We connected to the trip on My Disney Experience and worked as a duo making plans. After lots of thought, we decided to call Port Orleans French Quarter home, take advantage of the dining plan and spend 5 nights, just the two of us. We made our fast passes and dining arrangements, visiting favorite restaurants and trying some new ones. While I won’t detail every single minute of the trip for you, I definitely will share some of the highlights, a few reviews, some things we learned and some truly magical memories that I don’t think we will forget.

See you next time!




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