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Mom-Daughter Trip: Port Orleans French Quarter Review

Hello everyone!

Back with another installment of the Mother-Daughter trip blog! While I won’t detail a day by day, play by play of our trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in May, I will definitely focus on some of the highlights as well as include a few reviews and special memories.

When we were making our plans back in April for our time at WDW, Emily and I both considered many of the 20 plus resorts available on Walt Disney World property. We’ve stayed at many and still had quite a few on our bucket list- however, we wanted to keep the trip at a more reasonable cost as our entire family was traveling to Disneyland in the summer- so we decided on a moderate. I let her take it from there and we ended up deciding on Port Orleans French Quarter. I’ve stayed there a few times but she had not, so it was a great first time experience for her and a wonderful return to me.

Upon our arrival at the resort, fresh off Magical Express, we were excited to see Arneil, the famous greeter, who opened the door and got our holiday off to a hospitable start. We both feel so fortunate to have met him, as months later, he announced his retirement, and he will be missed by many. He asked about our trip, where we were from and I even got in a quick pic. Can you tell how excited I was to meet him?

Our check in at the resort was quick and easy, except for a minor hiccup with our PIN numbers attached to our Magic Bands. We had selected them through the My Disney Experience account but for some reason the CM checking us in could not see it. We redid them and were on our way. Luckily, our room was ready, so we decided to put our bags away first before heading off for our afternoon at Hollywood Studios. The weather was looking not so great for that day and the day or two after, and we wanted to make the most of the sun shining while we could.

Our room was in Building 7, which was a considerable stroll from the main areas but we honestly, enjoyed it every time. Out of all the value and moderate resorts, I believe French Quarter gives you a deluxe feel for not a deluxe price. The buildings are exquisitely detailed with touches of New Orleans and the landscaping is stunning. The resort itself is a quiet one- many mornings we could just hear birds as we made our way to breakfast or the bus.

Our room was one that had not yet undergone a soft refurbishment as some other buildings were, but we absolutely loved it regardless. The beds were clean and very comfortable. We loved the space of the bathroom and the H20 Toiletries that mousekeeping kept us stocked with each day. The room was spacious and had enough storage for both of us. A family of four might find storage options a bit tighter, but for the two of us, it was more than enough. We had a standard view here and even with the parking lot, there was still lots of landscaping around. We had no interest in a view, as we knew we would be in and out most of the time.

With regard to food at French Quarter, Emily and I frequented the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory several times during the course of our stay. Most of the time the waits were minimal and we never had trouble finding a table at which to eat, even during what seemed like peak meal times. All of the food items we selected there were very good, absolutely no complaints whatsoever. We usually split a breakfast of Mickey Waffles and bacon, just because our appetites weren’t big that early. Some of the things we tried at lunch and dinner were burgers, gumbo and some pretty amazing cupcakes! Service was very good as well- the resort CM’s were friendly and always willing to help.

Bus service to the parks was fairly consistent and reasonable. The digital boards with arrival times were always spot on and we liked having an idea of when to expect one. There were a few times the bus was packed to capacity, but those were the times you would expect- evenings after closing or close to it. We also tried the Minnie Van service for the first time while staying here on this trip and it was very quick, easy and FUN. Our drivers most of the time, were able to bypass the Port Cachere and drop us back at the building 7 driveway loop which was a great time saver, and a blessing for our tired feet.

Mousekeeping was excellent here and one of the things I so appreciated is that it was always done by the time we came back for our afternoon break. It seems that has become an issue in so many hotels as we’ve traveled the past few years. I am not able to commando a park or sightseeing- an afternoon rest is a must for me and our family, for the most part. Coming back at 1 or 2 to a not made room is frustrating and I am happy to say that was never, ever an issue. I left a note our first morning out and let them know our expected routine for afternoon breaks and they accommodated us without issue. I learned from that trip, that is what to do from now on and request earlier service during all our stays.

Our park time kept us quite busy and we didn’t take advantage of the pool areas but did a few walk throughs and it was sparkling clean, well maintained and everyone there seemed to be enjoying it tremendously. We had some fun with the colorful characters right outside the main pool entrance.

The hospitality offered here is fantastic, all the cast members were friendly and fun to talk to. Even the one CM cleaning the lobby as we waited for our Magical Express ride back to the airport at 4:20 am!

Port Orleans French Quarter is by far, the moderate resort I book for clients the most and I sure loved being able to return here after several years. I feel confident when I recommend it that clients will enjoy the beautiful surroundings, great service and accessibility to the entire resort. My experience was absolutely first rate and I can’t wait to return. Emily and I made such wonderful memories here, that we sort of categorized it as our “Mom and Daughter Moderate” and definitely plan to return here on a future mom daughter adventure one day.

Have you stayed here as well? I do hope you had a magical experience like we did and would love to hear about it? Drop a comment below.

See you next time!

Maureen Austin



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