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You Are The Reason

Have you every wanted an inside look at a day in the life of a travel planner? Curious why we do what we do? Well, it’s different for each planner and likely changes for each of us as we grow with our businesses. This is a reflection of who I am as a travel planner, how I’ve grown in my time in the industry, and what I can do for you (and your loved ones) as you prepare for vacations.

Planning 2021 business goals comes with a review of not just what 2020 has been, but an overall look at my small business from its beginning to now and how I want to grow my services in the future. It's about recognizing my transition from a Disney fan to a planning hobbyist to a travel professional. Curious what I mean? Read on!

If I'm completely honest, I started travel planning because people were already asking me for tips and information about Disney. I figured I might as well earn some additional income along the way. Despite conversations with my dear friend and our agency owner, I really didn't understand what travel planning would be. I thought my obsession for all things Micky and my love of the theme parks would be my biggest asset. To quote the head mouse, "Hu-hu, oh boy" was I in for a big surprise.

Being a Disney enthusiast allows me to connect with travelers in the realm of enthusiasm and fandom goodness, but it's not the core ingredient of my being a professional planner. (In fact, I've learned over the years it means very little when it comes to professional planning.) Being a super fan may help someone identify what Disney resort makes the most sense for being near Magic Kingdom, but it likely won't give you the details of which resort can accommodate five people in a room or which one matches the amenities and creature comforts you enjoy when you're away from home.

That type of service comes from continued supplier training, site visits, and virtual experiences. It's about staying up to date with the latest supplier news, travel trends, and industry information. (If the pandemic has taught us anything this year, it's about being on top of travel information, especially when it's changing by the minute.)

Yet to be a travel professional and really provide exceptional client care, it all comes down to listening. It's listening to YOU - the client - and finding out your needs. It's about what YOU want to gain from your vacation experience.

And that's when the real magic happens! When I hear and understand what YOU want and then take all my knowledge, training, and experience and put it to work for you. Together, we create your dream vacation. Before you leave for vacation and all through the planning process, you concentrate on the memory making pieces and I tackle the details, deadlines, and time-consuming bits.

My three main goals as a travel professional:

*Help you make magical memories.

This includes when you’re on vacation and also leading up to it. I can help you plan a surprise reveal, create a countdown, or even just my taking care of the details while you're experiencing family adventures at home!

* Start the fun and stress relief from your first thought of travel.

I'm here to help you every step of the way. My travelers know I have a fun twist on my communications, I keep track of deadlines so you don't have to, and I take care of things so you're not lying awake at 3:00 a.m. wondering what to do for your vacation.

* Create your ideal vacation experience.

I'm a partner with you every step of the way. My planning isn't cookie cutter. I want to know what vacation experience YOU want so I can customize my recommendations and resources to you and your family.

Remember way back in the beginning when I said I started in travel because of my Disney obsession? Well, that part is still true. It is why I started and I am still a huge fan, but my planning focus has shifted and my “why” has changed. I may have started because of Disney, but I’ve stayed because of YOU. Serving clients – serving you – is my passion and my reason for growing from a Disney fanatic to a planning hobbyist to a travel professional.

If you need me, I’ll be right here growing in my supplier knowledge, staying current in industry trends, and ready with a listening ear to make magic happen for you.



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