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Travel Advisor Highlight - Douglas Famy

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Before I became a travel advisor, I found that I was giving tips, tricks, and advice to others when approached. It just made sense to develop that sense of helping a step further. I find that helping gene is embedded into me and gives me tremendous satisfaction. What a wonderful way to make yourself feel good by helping others. At first, I resisted the calling. There are down sides to being a travel advisor and I didn’t think I would be a right fit. The pandemic taught me a lot about myself and taught me that I could overcome those obstacles.

I focus on cruises because you can visit so many destinations without the hurdles you might ordinarily experience. If you are concerned about a language barrier, then a cruise has ways to mitigate that situation. Just think of all the places you can visit! Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Alaska, the fjords of Norway, the Canary Islands, South America and Antarctica, the Greek Islands, Vietnam. While the Caribbean is a staple of North American guests, we can explore so much more of this world. Also, it can be a very affordable way to travel. The housing, transportation, food, and entertainment are covered under one price tag. Let the cruise line handle much of the headaches of travel. How wonderful that the captain of the ship can direct your vacation to safer destinations should civil unrest or weather interfere with your travel plans. Finally, there are so many choices. Not all cruise lines are created equal. There is a cruise line that is a good fit for you and your preferences. Having a travel advisor guide the way so that you can avoid picking a cruise line that is not right for you is priceless. Making that decision at the outset is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to overcome. That’s where I come in. I’m interested in hearing about you and your friends, your family. Let’s get the right fit for YOU. I’ve been lucky and have made friendships with folks on my travels and we’re still in contact today. Social media may have its faults, but it makes maintaining relationships over the years easier. I loved my cruise that I did when we participated in a “cabin crawl”. It’s not something that I would recommend in this current health climate. However, we got to visit each other’s

staterooms and discover how we were all traveling. I visited everything from an inside stateroom to one of the top suites. Additionally, each host provided snacks and/or drinks at their room. It was one of those rare moments, building relationships with laughter. I haven’t laughed that much, ever.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I naturally network with my fellow community members and focus on their specific concerns of equality with their travels. The nice thing about the 21st century is that there have been great strides in the 21st century and technology also plays a role, so the concerns of the past aren’t as prevalent. The key is being sensitive to which destinations could be problematic for this community. So, my role is to give guidance and steer folx to better choices.

Another specialization of mine is geared towards the active traveler. Let’s find something to do that is more adventurous and geared to exploring the world. I could help you find an all-inclusive resort at every stop, but let’s explore all of what the world has to offer. We can find the zip-line, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, helicopter rides to where you want to go. Let’s open our eyes to what the world has waiting to discover.

I definitely enjoy being the hero as a travel advisor. In the cruise industry, travel advisors will provide price adjustments on their client’s trips. But in most cases, you need to ask them. Recently, I was doing a regular check on my client’s trips and discovered a significant price reduction. It involved losing some of the benefits that they currently had. But when I told them that the price reduction was far greater than the cost of the benefits they would lose, they were very happy. I was able to save these clients over 1800 USD on their trip. I know I would be happy if I heard that. To save money and have me as your travel advisor accomplish that without being prompted is priceless. Granted, my income is derived from commission from the trips. In the short term, doing the price adjustment unsolicited, hurt me. But in the long term, having happy and grateful clients will pay off huge dividends.

Let’s face it, Reach for the Magic Destinations is an agency born out of love of the Disney parks. I love the Disney products too. While a Disney Cruise Line vacation can be a beautiful thing, frankly, it is out of my price range. That is why I specialize in cruise lines that can give you an alternative. Maybe your children have grown up and have moved on from the Disney experience. Adolescents might be resistant, equating Disney with something that is too childish for them. Or your family has grown and now you find that your children have left the nest. Or as I said, as much as you love Disney Cruise Line, you discover that you could have other vacations at half the cost. Discovering that taking two cruises instead of one Disney cruise is difficult to resist. I’m here to provide you with those alternatives with Virgin Voyages, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Sojourn, MSC Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Cunard, or journey through a country with Ama Waterways and their river cruises.

I’m excited to help the land lovers with Universal Parks and Resorts, especially with the prospect of the new park, Epic Universe coming to Orlando. Universal is going at a brisk pace. Right now, it is exciting to discover the rumors that are swirling around. But soon those rumors will turn into reality. I can’t wait to see what Universal has in store. For example, one rumor that could be in all of our futures is the establishment of the 3rd Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My sources tell me it will be based on the Ministry of Magic. Only time will tell.

Later today, I’ve got a webinar to attend. That’s part of my job. Staying up to date on all the latest developments, especially health protocols of each of these different cruise lines. I’ve got a ship load of information to share with you so we can make your vacation tailored to you and your traveling companions. Consider me as your coach, just like a sports team has a coach. As I say each week on my podcast, Travel Happens, think of me as Moraine Sedai, Tyrion Lannister, Gandalf, Mr. Miyagi, and Yoda all rolled into one. I’ll be your guide to provide you advice, guidance, aid and be your advocate through all of the potholes and pitfalls to your destination.


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